Privacy Policy

This privacy policy outlines the terms about how any personal or non-personal information provided or collected from you ("yours", "you") will be used by WinstonMarriott ("us", "we" and "our") and other websites related to us. Any info that can ascertain your identity is included in personal information like your name, telephone number, address, email address etc. Any personal information provided to us by you, at any time, will be used in accordance with these terms. Although, nearly all of our websites follow this privacy policy, but we highly recommend that you always read every site's Terms of Use with due consideration as a few websites might contain some added terms not included in this privacy policy.

Our Details

  • An England registered company, "WinstonMarriot" ("us", "we" and "our") runs this website. If you wish to contact us, we are reachable via email given below:

How is Your Information Being Collected and Used By Us?

  • Your information is collected at different stages. We gather some of the information when it is provided to us by you, for example; when you sign-up to email or newsletter; get yourself registered on any of our websites; order one or more of our services or products; making your profile in any online community run by us or leaving a comment there; participate in a promotion or any competition etc. Other information could have been provided by any of our sister companies or partners having your consent. On other occasions, your information may also be collected automatically from "cookies" (please read our cookie policy to learn further about the cookies and how they are being used by us). Your information gathered by us is being used in the following manner.

    Based on your preferences, we send you information and newsletters about services and products which could interest you; you can get involved in any of our interactive content, forums or notice boards; a response to any of your queries, messages or complaints will be sent; you will be given access to various functions of any online community of ours, if you desire to become a member; you will be notified regarding any changes to any of our services, websites or products and for processing any of your purchases from us as well as contacting you regarding your order if required. Only with your consent, your information will cautiously be passed on to exclusively selected third parties to send you latest news and info related to the services and products of your interest. You may be contacted by us (via third party or ourselves) to answer some questionnaires that will help us look into the weaknesses in our products, services or websites and to rectify them such as taking part in a survey related to third parties, our trusted partners or local and latest issues. We will always inform you about the employment of your information before you start any survey.

Registration Information

  • The information provided by you to any WinstonMarriot service for registration purpose is referred as registration information such as name, gender, birthday, email address and zip code. The information may be provided for creating an account, participating in a contest, receiving newsletter or posting comments.

Users Aged 16 and Under

  • Users aged 16 or under are not encouraged and permitted by us to provide their personal information, hence, it is compulsory for any user aged 16 or under to obtain their parent/guardian's consent before entering any sort of personal info in WinstonMarriot website.


  • Some of our websites may use "cookies" to give you a great experience. The word "cookies" is used for simple text files which are stored by the website's server on your mobile devices or computers. We collect behaviour information and get internet log facts of the visitors in order to understand their usage and needs; this will help us to identify you and your signed-in status on any of our websites, customise our advertisements and content. If you do not wish to accept "cookies" then simply change your browser settings but it might result in some features of our website being unavailable to you or might not work.

Making Changes to Your Data

  • If you wish to change or delete any of your data that we have, simply unsubscribe from our newsletter by clicking on the link for unsubscription in the emails that we send. For any queries about our privacy policy or something related to your information that we have or if you no longer wish for your information to be held in our database, then please contact us at our email address given below:

Divulagence of Information to Others

  • Data collected from you might be sent or collected and saved on secure servers that are outside EEA (European Economic Area). Our staff, working for us or any of our suppliers, working from outside EEA may also process your information. They may be working for completion of your orders, providing our support services, maintenance of any of our website, dealing with your payment details etc. You permit us to this processing, transference and storage of data upon submission of your personal data. All essential actions are taken to make sure that your data is used according to our privacy policy and very securely. We have SSL technology for encryption of all payment transactions. Please make sure that you keep your passwords (to access some parts of our website) confidential and secure. Transmission of anything is at your risk. Although from our side, we do everything to keep your data secure but unfortunately we do not guarantee the security of data as transmission of information is not absolutely secure through internet. Unauthorized access to the information received from you is barred by our strict security procedures. If legal inquiry and requests are made then we have the right to get access to your personal information and reveal it to law enforcement agencies, government and other agencies/parties which are considered in accordance with the law. Your personal information may also be shared with third-parties who help us by giving us their services in running our business tasks and the websites.

Safety and Protection

  • We hold all data in best possible safety practice. Our secure data servers have suitable physical and realistic security possible which includes power backup, access control, fire control etc. Any account or service not in use is disabled, all accounts have strong passwords and we have very strict policy for account lockout. We always keep security of all our servers up-to-date and even the antivirus software is updated several times per day.

Alterations and Adjustments in Privacy Policy

  • Every now and then, our privacy policy may change, for instance, introduction of new services or change of law. Any new privacy policy will be effective on the date it appears on the website. It is highly recommended for you to keep an eye on the policy on and off and remain updated.