What We Offer

  • We offer end to end Green Computing Solutions to the Cloud Computing, Datacentres, Enterprise, Bigdata, AI, HPC (High Performance Computing), Edge Computing, Cybersecurity, SD-WAN, IOT and IIOT, offer customers flexibility and customization by providing a broad array of system configurations. Our goal is to be a leading provider of application-optimized, high performance Cybersecurity Devices and Networking Solutions. Achieving this objective will require continuous innovation and development. One of the major competitive advantages for Winston Marriot Ltd is our ability to rapidly incorporate the latest technological innovations into our products and support services. Through our digital stores PICOPC and PONDESK customers can build their customized┬ádevices.


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    We are one of the leading digital retail outlets with more than 100s of products, We have one of the best supply chain management mechanisms which help our customers to get the products at competitive price. Our store features a huge selection of Electronics and much more.

  • http://www.picopc.co

    PICOPC is the brand for innovative IT hardware manufactured by Winston Marriot Ltd. We offer efficient and cost-effective Cyber Security and Networking solutions which include Firewalls, Rackmount Servers, Low Power Industrial and commercial systems built for Security, IoT and applications that demand high reliability.

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    We are providing the only online market place facility under the name of Sawdagger in the world, offering a complete range of trading solutions including Fixed Price, Future Trade, Classifieds, Make Offers( bidding) and Buy Now to individuals and businesses world-wide.

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