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  • Our Company offers the one of a Kind Ecommerce sites which provides the best selection of innovative Security, Industrial and ‘Internet of Things’ (IoT) devices. We give our esteemed customers the benefit of shopping by bringing all their needs under one roof just by a click at their comfort. We are not only a platform for internet retail but we also deliver services to commercial customers through our B2B portal. Our Brands include but are not limited to PICOPC, PONDESK and SAWDAGGER serving our prestigious customers with extraordinary and innovative services.


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    We are one of the leading digital retail outlets with more than 100s of products, We have one of the best supply chain management mechanisms which help our customers to get the products at competitive price. Our store features a huge selection of Electronics and much more.

  • http://www.picopc.co

    PICOPC is the brand for innovative IT hardware manufactured by Winston Marriot Ltd. We offer efficient and cost-effective Cyber Security and Networking solutions which include Firewalls, Rackmount Servers, Low Power Industrial and commercial systems built for Security, IoT and applications that demand high reliability.

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    Alpha Helix Biotech supplies the analytical Clinical Laboratories, and research organizations with a complete line of organic building blocks, analytical reagents, solvents, consumables and equipment suitable for all laboratory applications.

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    We are providing the only online market place facility under the name of Sawdagger in the world, offering a complete range of trading solutions including Fixed Price, Future Trade, Classifieds, Make Offers( bidding) and Buy Now to individuals and businesses world-wide.

Customer Reviews

  • Tomas-H

    I ordered the MNHO-074 to be used as a home router/firewall. The package was quickly delivered and contained the correct power plug (EU) for my country. I was a bit surprised by the lack of paperwork but it turns out that the details of the purchase can be downloaded from the company Web page. The device will automatically start when it receives power which is perfect for a server/router that is supposed to operate autonomously. Installation of Arch linux went without any problems and all hardware was detected. The Ethernet ports show a transfer rate of 748 Mbits/sec when measured with iperf against a Intel I219-V on my desktop computer. The Wifi module is an Atheros AR9287. After some tweaking of hostapd I am able to get 85 Mbits/sec in transfer speed from it.Overall a well built product with good network performance.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-074 )

  • Tomasz Nowicki

    I was on a hunt for a reliable replacement of my router. I needed something small reliable and not to expensive. I have read 8968769876 reviews, considered all types of devices - but then I have found Pondesk and this great looking device. It was perfect for my needs and it was already pre-loaded with Pfsense. I have spoken to the customer service and they were extremely helpful. Ordered the device → it was delivered next day → what a small factor device. It is silent not to hot and it works extremely well. My network is 1000000% better with it! I really really really recommend this device. Pondesk has great customer service - so I would recommend them as well.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

  • Mathieu Lecrivain

    Expédition rapide. Produit de très bonne qualité. Conditionné avec soin.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Cara Ramsey

    All items fit well, are well made and appear that they will last a long time. I am especially pleased with the leather skirt, the armor top is also well made too. This is my second transaction and the armor set I bought in 2015 was also wonderfully made and fit well too. They seem to do a really good job with manufacturing items.

    Product Code: ( LPAF-024 )

  • Oliver Bayer

    Totally impressed, ordered from Germany on weekend, delivered on Wednesday. I use the "Mini PC" as pfSense Firewall, works without problems. In my opinion a very good performance price ratio.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

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Since the Covid-19 pandemic outbreak most of the industries have been shutdown throughout the world but this doesn’t include the I.T industry, as under its umbrella spans a lot of other industries which directly and/or remotely associated with it. Now, workforce from the software development industry, Banking, SMBs, Enterprises still need to work even in this ongoing pandemic ........

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Pondesk PICO PC Intel Atom® Denverton C3558 4 LAN 2 SFP uCPE/vCPE 5G SD-WAN NFV Fanless Appliance is the perfect device. PONDESK’s highly flexible next-generation commercial off-the-shelf desktop SD-WAN NFV Fanless network appliance, a white box solution with the latest 5G WWAN connectivity and gigabit fiber optic for high-speed connectivity........

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IoT – Time Saver or Time Waster?

The internet is one of the most innovational and important things ever to be created in human history, and it’s still progressing. With the introduction of smart phones and devices heading to ‘takeover’ and even addiction in some cases, it has become a necessity to us. But is the ‘Internet of things’ a good thing?.......