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  • Peter Gunn  

    ALL okay

    Product Code: ( MNHO-031 )

  • Mirco Mattioli  

    Excellent customer service and excellent product!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

  • Mauro Zanatta  

    Fast and clear transaction. Best seller!!!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-044 )

  • Jordi Arnau  

    (no comments)

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

  • fabio tramonti  

    All good, but need to have drivers available on site, I spend a lot of time to find and install driver. Excellent support online,

    Product Code: ( MNHO-001 )

  • Ken Nye  

    work great.

    Product Code: ( NSHO-001 )

  • Jonathan Brown  

    Pleasure doing business with you. Great product and service

    Product Code: ( HNSP-006 )

  • Bob Geddes  

    Delighted.Very well made and runs only slightly warm to touch.Ordered with 4G mem 16G card pfSense, I had it installed and working in less than 24hrs of ordering, brilliant service.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Tomasz Nowicki  

    I was on a hunt for a reliable replacement of my router. I needed something small reliable and not to expensive. I have read 8968769876 reviews, considered all types of devices - but then I have found Pondesk and this great looking device. It was perfect for my needs and it was already pre-loaded with Pfsense. I have spoken to the customer service and they were extremely helpful. Ordered the device → it was delivered next day → what a small factor device. It is silent not to hot and it works extremely well. My network is 1000000% better with it! I really really really recommend this device. Pondesk has great customer service - so I would recommend them as well.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

  • Jurgen Waithera  

    I received the first units the other day. Very nice. We really like them a lot. Everything working fine, looking nice

    Product Code: ( NSHO-001 )

  • Konstantinos Papadakis  

    Good product, good seller.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-022 )

  • Emanuele Breuza  

    One of the best seller I had a deal with!!! A++++ Strongly recommended!!!!!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-023 )


    (no comments)

    Product Code: ( MNHO-004 )

  • Stefan De Brouwer  

    Installed latest version of Sophos XG firewall on it. Works very good!

    Product Code: ( NSHO-002 )

  • Ola Malmstrom  

    I really liked it. Perfect for viewing Netflix and other similar services with the flexibility of a PC at the same time as being absolutely quiet and with a very professional look.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-018 )

  • Michael Jobling  

    Great customer service. Even went as far as taking and sending me pictures of internal components to assist in answering the questions I originally had. Order to delivery was a just a few days, and product was exactly as described. I have since purchased another of the same product with the same quick turnaround and will be ordering more in the future. Possibly even some of the larger models.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-028 )

  • Cara Ramsey  

    All items fit well, are well made and appear that they will last a long time. I am especially pleased with the leather skirt, the armor top is also well made too. This is my second transaction and the armor set I bought in 2015 was also wonderfully made and fit well too. They seem to do a really good job with manufacturing items.

    Product Code: ( LPAF-018 )

  • Chris Demellis  

    Very happy with the build quality , and delivery was super fast to Australia . would have been good to include instructions on how to turn on the SATA 2 for SSD as by default it set to accept M SATA . this little discrepancy cost me an extra $250 AU as i thought the SATA bus was broken , when in fact the issue was a jumper cable would have been good to know this from the beginning. Otherwise i am really happy with the product is great , im impressed with the build quality too . dont hesitate to purchase

    Product Code: ( MNHO-028 )

  • Alastair Munro  

    Excellent pc. Much better than branded PCs. Thx

    Product Code: ( MNHO-003 )

  • Suzanne Payne  

    Purchased to run Linux (runs Ubuntu 16 fine) and act as a (physically) tiny, low powered web server in a cramped rack. We specifically needed the two LAN ports, which are hard to find on this type of machine. Works very well, how long it lasts remains to be seen, but as an interim web server it is proving excellent value for money. Note: we do NOT use the wireless connections. They show up in Ubuntu as valid ports but I cannot guarantee they work as I have not tried them.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-018 )

  • Yurong Lin  

    I recently bought a mini PC from PonDesk. It was delivered in about a week, much quicker than expected! Also, the customer service was excellent. The mini PC works great - it is small

    Product Code: ( MNHO-014 )

  • Brian Verney  

    Works Well Wired To Headunit,Quick Del,Thanks A1.

    Product Code: ( DCEL-001 )

  • Damien Read  

    A++ Many Thanks Great PC

    Product Code: ( MNHO-018 )

  • Stephen West  

    Great little machine and works brilliantly as a firewall.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Tomas-H  

    I ordered the MNHO-074 to be used as a home router/firewall. The package was quickly delivered and contained the correct power plug (EU) for my country. I was a bit surprised by the lack of paperwork but it turns out that the details of the purchase can be downloaded from the company Web page. The device will automatically start when it receives power which is perfect for a server/router that is supposed to operate autonomously. Installation of Arch linux went without any problems and all hardware was detected. The Ethernet ports show a transfer rate of 748 Mbits/sec when measured with iperf against a Intel I219-V on my desktop computer. The Wifi module is an Atheros AR9287. After some tweaking of hostapd I am able to get 85 Mbits/sec in transfer speed from it.Overall a well built product with good network performance.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-074 )

  • Raoul Kreide  

    Great device! Might be helpful for others: Wasnt starting at all at the beginnung. Only "klicking" behind the start button, no video output no bios beep nothing. With google I found a report (i didnt find through pondesk): please look at ram. in deed: the ram module was not fixed properly. it put it in completely again and now everything is working. first impression is that pondesk is delivering good documentation and support! better than ording in china. even better that delivery out of uk doe not have custums issues.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

  • Craig Jamieson  

    Fast despatch. Very happy

    Product Code: ( MNHO-002 )

  • Simone Battaglia  

    The best computer/multimedia center.Very fast delivery

    Product Code: ( MNHO-014 )

  • Gary Willats  

    super fast delivery great product, many thanks all as described

    Product Code: ( DCEL-001 )

  • Sebastiano Pilla  

    Very quick delivery (3 days) from the UK to France, the product feels solid and it worked flawlessly with the latest pfSense image.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-073 )