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  • Konstantinos Papadakis  

    Good product, good seller.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-022 )

  • Christer Hedman  

    (no comments)

    Product Code: ( MNHO-028 )

  • Yurong Lin  

    I recently bought a mini PC from PonDesk. It was delivered in about a week, much quicker than expected! Also, the customer service was excellent. The mini PC works great - it is small

    Product Code: ( MNHO-014 )

  • Herve GALERY  

    Nice device, very good quality.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-028 )

  • Vangelis  

    Great product and service.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

  • Stefan De Brouwer  

    Installed latest version of Sophos XG firewall on it. Works very good!

    Product Code: ( NSHO-002 )

  • Alastair Munro  

    Excellent pc. Much better than branded PCs. Thx

    Product Code: ( MNHO-003 )

  • Paulo Ramalho  

    Very good product

    Product Code: ( MNHO-032 )

  • David Corner  

    I bought one of these devices to use as a hardware firewall and I’m pleased to say that it has done everything that I expected of this hardware. The build quality is solid. The performance is excellent

    Product Code: ( MNHO-028 )

  • James Hudson  

    A fantastic little box with 4 LANs and WiFi. Nice solid build and all Intel components. Completely silent with no moving parts. Clever design means it hardly gets hot either. Excellent customer support, they even helped me with the software I was using. Fast delivery, I had it the next day in London. The best piece of kit I have purchased in years! Thank you Winston Marriot / Pondesk Pico PC!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Peter Gunn  

    ALL okay

    Product Code: ( MNHO-031 )

  • Hansjoerg KAINZ  

    Quick delivery and PC works as expected!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Claudio Cafolla  

    ****grazie tutto perfetto++++

    Product Code: ( MNHO-014 )

  • Gabriel Smolar  

    Box arrived in a timely manner and contained all the necessary items. Some additional documentation (not clear how to install a 2nd 2.5'' SSD) and support (are BIOS updates possible?) would be helpful.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

  • Stephen Hall  

    Brilliant little device delivered swiftly.Used for Sophos UTM. Desktop PC broke so just moved across disk drive and reset, restored backup and away we go with all the old fw config. Very happy.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Raoul Kreide  

    Great device! Might be helpful for others: Wasnt starting at all at the beginnung. Only "klicking" behind the start button, no video output no bios beep nothing. With google I found a report (i didnt find through pondesk): please look at ram. in deed: the ram module was not fixed properly. it put it in completely again and now everything is working. first impression is that pondesk is delivering good documentation and support! better than ording in china. even better that delivery out of uk doe not have custums issues.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-048 )

  • Greg Tee  

    Would be 5 stars all over the place. Works great btw! I think we'll do business again in the future!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Dennis Madsen  

    Nice and quick order. Everything works like it should.Will buy from Pondesk again, when needed.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-022 )

  • Sandra Campagna  

    Perfect transaction. ++++++++++++++

    Product Code: ( MNHO-030 )

  • Damien Read  

    A++ Many Thanks Great PC

    Product Code: ( MNHO-018 )

  • Phil White  

    Thank you, brilliant piece of gear, works well.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-022 )

  • Luke Ravagnan  

    Excellent little pc, very happy!!!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-022 )

  • Antonio Boeira  

    (no comments)

    Product Code: ( RTHC-019 )

  • Sebastiano Pilla  

    Very quick delivery (3 days) from the UK to France, the product feels solid and it worked flawlessly with the latest pfSense image.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-073 )

  • Andrew Battye  

    Excellent service

    Product Code: ( MNHO-022 )

  • Brian Verney  

    Works Well Wired To Headunit,Quick Del,Thanks A1.

    Product Code: ( DCEL-001 )

  • Simone Battaglia  

    The best computer/multimedia center.Very fast delivery

    Product Code: ( MNHO-014 )

  • Deseau Sylvain  

    good product, fast shipping and nice contact with the seller.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-003 )


    (no comments)

    Product Code: ( MNHO-004 )

  • Michael Jobling  

    Great customer service. Even went as far as taking and sending me pictures of internal components to assist in answering the questions I originally had. Order to delivery was a just a few days, and product was exactly as described. I have since purchased another of the same product with the same quick turnaround and will be ordering more in the future. Possibly even some of the larger models.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-028 )