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  • Peter Gunn  

    ALL okay

    Product Code: ( MNHO-031 )

  • Damien Read  

    A++ Many Thanks Great PC

    Product Code: ( MNHO-018 )

  • Tommi Leino  

    Excellent customer support, amazingly fast delivery, well packaged, and the device itself is top-notch for its price and regardless of price, a quality product. 100% satisfied, will buy more. EU power cord was delivered without asking for it, perhaps by location, which was nice. Works well with OpenBSD 6.2 (though WiFi doesn’t support hostap or 11n mode in OpenBSD - check run(4) man page for this - not a problem for me and the WiFi can be removed with ease).

    Product Code: ( MNHO-035 )

  • Yashica Wyckoff  


    Product Code: ( MNHO-007 )

  • Christer Hedman  

    (no comments)

    Product Code: ( MNHO-028 )

  • Jonathan Brown  

    Pleasure doing business with you. Great product and service

    Product Code: ( HNSP-006 )

  • Craig Jamieson  

    Fast despatch. Very happy

    Product Code: ( MNHO-002 )

  • James Hudson  

    A fantastic little box with 4 LANs and WiFi. Nice solid build and all Intel components. Completely silent with no moving parts. Clever design means it hardly gets hot either. Excellent customer support, they even helped me with the software I was using. Fast delivery, I had it the next day in London. The best piece of kit I have purchased in years! Thank you Winston Marriot / Pondesk Pico PC!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Gary Willats  

    super fast delivery great product, many thanks all as described

    Product Code: ( DCEL-001 )

  • Simone Battaglia  

    The best computer/multimedia center.Very fast delivery

    Product Code: ( MNHO-014 )

  • Konstantinos Papadakis  

    Good product, good seller.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-022 )

  • Lubiati Carmela  

    Grande venditore,ottima comunicazione, tutto ok

    Product Code: ( MNHO-009 )

  • Stephen West  

    Great little machine and works brilliantly as a firewall.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Alastair Munro  

    Excellent pc. Much better than branded PCs. Thx

    Product Code: ( MNHO-003 )

  • Cocher  

    The item was as described, works perfect. Great shipment and quick delivery. Thanks

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Emanuele Breuza  

    One of the best seller I had a deal with!!! A++++ Strongly recommended!!!!!

    Product Code: ( MNHO-023 )

  • Brian Verney  

    Works Well Wired To Headunit,Quick Del,Thanks A1.

    Product Code: ( DCEL-001 )

  • Claudio Cafolla  

    ****grazie tutto perfetto++++

    Product Code: ( MNHO-014 )

  • Antonio Boeira  

    (no comments)

    Product Code: ( RTHC-019 )

  • Emad Awwad  

    Seller provides great customer service, before the seller processed my order he made sure that I was aware of appliance specs and it will work in the US. Once I replied that I had a converter and agreed to purchase the product, they shipped it right a way form over seas and it was delivered to me by DHL which was quick. I have not used it yet, but it looks like it is well made and I am sure it will be a great purchase. I had a hard time finding one in the US and most over sees sellers do not ship to the US, this Seller does.

    Product Code: ( KLHG-008 )

  • Dr Richard A Marschall  

    The device was used to upgrade a financial trading desk connected to the Internet. It took a little while to get is working properly with the legacy disk-drive (with Linux Mint 17.3) but after a bit of upgrading of the kernel and getting the operating system up to Linux Mint 18.1 or so standards, it fired up fine.It talks to two large legacy CRT monitors. One directly via the VGA port, the other via a Belkin HDMI to VGA converter.Computation speed wise it is just slightly less fast than an Intel i7-4790 @3.6 GHz but only uses a fraction of the power and is essentially silent. It is also very much smaller. I am very happy with its performance, especially for the price. :-)

    Product Code: ( MNHO-055 )

  • Stephen Watson  

    One of the best seller thank you so mutch

    Product Code: ( DCEL-001 )

  • Deseau Sylvain  

    good product, fast shipping and nice contact with the seller.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-003 )

  • Herve GALERY  

    Nice device, very good quality.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-028 )

  • Daniel Goodridge  

    All ok

    Product Code: ( MNHO-014 )

  • Mathieu Lecrivain  

    Expédition rapide. Produit de très bonne qualité. Conditionné avec soin.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • fabio tramonti  

    All good, but need to have drivers available on site, I spend a lot of time to find and install driver. Excellent support online,

    Product Code: ( MNHO-001 )

  • Robert Petrunic  

    Superb customer experience, fast delivery, nice device.

    Product Code: ( MNHO-035 )


    (no comments)

    Product Code: ( MNHO-043 )

  • Cara Ramsey  

    All items fit well, are well made and appear that they will last a long time. I am especially pleased with the leather skirt, the armor top is also well made too. This is my second transaction and the armor set I bought in 2015 was also wonderfully made and fit well too. They seem to do a really good job with manufacturing items.

    Product Code: ( LPAF-024 )